Koh Phangan

We are BIG fans of this small island. Internationally famed for its full-on, full-volume Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan is often overlooked by tourists for its real qualities; tranquil, white sand beaches and turquoise clear waters. Phangan is significantly less developed than Samui, the roads in places are still unpaved and a number of its beaches are only accessible by boat. Many a Samui-dweller has their favourite spot and enjoys a weekend in paradise away from the hustle and bustle!

If you’re keen on a beach wedding, Phagnan may be the one for you – less crowds, more seclusion and a laid back vibe. There are only a small number of private villas on Phangan but exciting options lie in small hotels, restaurants and bars as well as 5 star resorts.

If Samui suits you for the wedding itself but you also want your guests to sample a slice of adventure, Phagnan is great for excursions before or after a Samui wedding. Many boats offer cruises around the island with snorkeling stops and even overnight options. A group trip over a few days would give you time to really let loose, explore, or simply kick back and relax.

Alternatively, Koh Phangan makes an idyllic honeymoon destination. Once your Samui wedding is over and you’ve waved your guests goodbye, you will realize that after hosting a destination wedding you’ve definitely earned a relaxing break! You can enjoy your first days as a married couple simply soaking in the tropical calm of this gorgeous island.




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