Samui Specialists

Samui is an island of 2 halves; the north and east coasts have developed into a lively tourist hotspot, fringed with resorts, restaurants, bars & nightclubs. In contrast, the southern and west coasts have not experienced as much transformation since the days that Samui was a sleepy coconut farming community.

With many venues to choose from, including a large array of luxury private villas, Samui now offers a broad scope for prospective wedding throwers. It’s possible to find something for everyone – from glitzy and exclusive, to simple and charming.

With its international airport, Samui is the port of arrival to the area so even if you’re marrying on Koh Phagnan, you might want to stay a few days here first. There are restaurants offering all kinds of international cuisine and added to the lively nightlife, Samui is great fun for bachelor and bachelorette celebrations. For those with guests who are not of an overly adventurous inclination, Samui is hailed as an East-meets-West cultural crossroad, where tourists can experience Thailand, its food, people and culture, but with all the conveniences and comforts of home.




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