Private villas are fantastic wedding venues because they are, well… private. The villa you choose will depend on the size of the wedding and the features of the villa itself; pool, spa, home cinema, boxing ring…
 Private villas require a minimum number of nights and will often charge an event premium and or staff and cleaning fees. Villa prices are reflected by the luxury and settings of these fabulous houses however with the number of bedrooms on site, there’s an opportunity for the guests who stay with you to contribute via their accommodation costs.


A nice alternative to a private villa is a small hotel. Take the whole place to create a completely private venue. Everyone paying for their own rooms means your venue hire costs are offset by your guests’ accommodation. There’s more flexibility for people to check-in and check-out at different times and on-site restaurants and bars can sometimes negate the need for outside catering.


There are gorgeous resorts on both islands offering fantastic service and amazing settings. Although they are less private on the whole, some have separate interior and exterior event spaces. Almost every resort will offer a wedding package which will have the option of accommodation deals for guests. Some resorts stipulate that a set amount of wedding guests stay on site while others allow flexibility. Resorts are also great venues for parties before or after the big day.

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